Photo By Bokey is a small business advertising agency serving small businesses on the Jersey Shore.

Photo By Bokey, a Jersey Shore small business advertising agency, provides an entire suite of creative, multimedia solutions under one roof. We provide a wide range of creative services including commercial photography, commercial videography, graphic design, social media management, and website design. We work with a wide range of small businesses all along the Jersey Shore. Because of this diversity, we understand the importance of creating a tailored creative solutions for your small business. See what we can do for your business - check out our portfolios below!



Commercial photography is more relevant now than ever before. High-quality photography, branded with your small business, is a primary driver for engaging social media posts, advertising your business to new customers along the Jersey Shore, and showing why your small business is the best choice.


Every small business is unique, and so are their graphic design needs. Whether it's a simple graphic for a Facebook advertising campaign, or a small business branding overhaul, together we’ll develop a creative solution that clearly articulate the message you're trying to send to your target audience on the Jersey Shore.


Social media marketing is a necessary part of any small business strategy. Once we understand the goals of your small business, we'll work together to develop strategies that increase brand awareness, loyalty, and targets the customers you ideal customers on the Jersey Shore.